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Freedom Through Forgiveness - CD


Breaking Free From Your Past

From early childhood until adolescence, Melanie McVey was molested by a family member. At 13 years old, her family moved away from the abuser. She thought the event was finally behind her. Years later, as an adult and a pastor’s wife, Melanie received a phone call telling her that her grandfather was about to die. Her immediate emotional reaction was one of sheer excitement that he would finally get what he deserved. Out of that horrible moment, the Holy Spirit convicted Melanie of her sins and did a work in her that set her free from such a terrible past.


Steve McVey was a local pastor for 21 years. While his offences were far less traumatic, he too found himself filled with unforgiveness. It was a startling realization for him to know that, even as a pastor, he harbored bitterness that had long affected his Christian walk.


In this series, you will learn how Melanie and Steve were both set free from their past by finding freedom through forgiveness. You will learn how to break free from your own past and experience the joy and peace only found in the heart free from unforgiveness.


Session studies include:


Session 1: Acknowledge The Stinging Misery of Unforgiveness
Session 2: Accept the Siritual Meaning of Forgiveness
Session 3: Apply the Scriptural Method of Forgiveness
Session 4: Appropriate the Means of Walking in Forgiveness

All of us have been hurt by others in our lives. Listen to these moving sessions and find freedom from your own past as God’s grace transforms your life through the power of forgivness.


Teaching time: 2 Hours on audio CD

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