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Grace Walk in Every Day Life


Many who have come to understand the truths of the grace walk often want to know what it looks like in the practical expression of everyday living. This series addresses that question by focusing on six main areas of the Christian’s daily lifestyle. As you learn the teaching of these sessions, you will find yourself experiencing the grace walk in greater ways than you have known.

Seeing Life Through The Grace Lens
Do you want to see your heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and yourself in a way that will cause you to experience grace to the fullest? This teaching will help you “get your grace eyes” so that you will see everything in a new and better way.

A Grace Based Approach To The Bible
In this teaching, Steve discusses how to approach your Bible in a way that will cause you to see Christ and hear His voice through His Word in a way that makes you hunger for time with your Bible.

How To Develop A Grace Filled Prayer Life
Praying in grace is totally different from the way most of us have been taught in church. This teaching will cause your prayer life to come alive as you experience intimacy with God by learning a way to pray that few Christians know these days, but practiced regularly by ancient Christians.

Evangelism From The Grace Lens
Evangelism is God’s gift to us, not our duty toward Him and others. In this session, you will discover how to evangelize effortlessly as you simply love other people in a way that will draw them to Christ.

Grace Filled Living In The Church
What are the signs of legalism in a church? What do you do if you find yourself in one? This teaching will equip you to be a grace filled missionary in your local congregation.

Relating To People As Jesus Does
Whether it’s your mate, your children, coworkers or friends, relating to people the way Jesus does is the grace walk way of life. This session covers the key elements in allowing Christ to express His love and life toward others through you in a way that builds meaningful relationships.

Teaching Time: 3 hours

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