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Grace Groundbreakers - DVD


Plowing New Ground with the Gospel

In a world that is hungry to experience unconditional love, nothing is more rewarding that breaking new ground in sharing grace among those who don’t understand it. This series will show you how to do just that. In this four-part teaching, you will learn how to become a leader in sharing God’s loving grace with other people and in how to motivate them in the grace walk.

Using the life of Joshua as a template for learning, these teachings set forth the four key components in becoming a leader in spreading grace.

Session topics include:

Responding to our Call
If you have ever felt unworthy to be a leader of others in the grace walk, this session will encourage you and teach you how to respond to the inner urging you sense to share God’s grace.

Relating to our Constituency
This session covers the three necessary aspects of motivating people to rise up and begin to walk in grace by examining the way Joshua instructed and motivated the people of Israel to move forward toward the Promised Land.

Rising to our Challenges
How do we deal with discouragement and frustration along the way? You’ll see in this study that those feelings are normal and you’ll discover how to overcome them so that you can keep moving forward.

Resting in our Calling
By learning to be strong, be a servant and be single-minded, you will be able to rest in your calling. This session will show you how to live your life as a grace walker and a leader in the rest that frees us from religious struggles.

Grace Groundbreakers is a practical series that will equip you, not only to live the grace walk, but to lead others in the grace walk.

Teaching Length: 2 Hours (4 30-minutes sesssions) - DVD Format

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