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The Rest of Grace Conference

Healing Life's Hurts Conference

Other exciting conference topics (*one or two night teachings)

  • Evangelism – What does it look like through the lens of Grace
  • God’s Response to Humanity: How does God really see us
  • Mind Matters – Victory through thinking the right thoughts
  • Experiencing the Victorious Life – Exposing the enemy’s battle plan
  • Knowing the Heart of Your Father – Unlearning the lies we have believed
  • Christ Holds ALL Things Together – What does scripture say about His connection to us?




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Grace Essentials 

The Best Of The Grace Walk Conference

This conference contains six hours of foundational teaching, based on Steve McVey's first book Grace Walk. People who have attended this conference around the country have often said how they wish they could experience the conference a second time to reinforce what they have discovered during the conference. (The DVD series is available for home or small group viewing.)

There are eight sessions providing a complete presentation on what it means to experience the victory that comes from knowing our identity in Christ. The material presented here is the heart of what we teach. Many have expressed that their lives have been totally transformed as God revealed the truths contained in these sessions to them.

Not only does the conference teach who we are in Christ, but it addresses some tough questions such as:

  • How can I walk in victory?
  • What does ‘identity in Christ’ mean?
  • What is the difference between law & grace?
  • What does it mean that I am a ‘new person’?
  • You mean God isn’t like I thought He was?
  • If I am free from the law, can I still go and sin?
  • What does it mean to ‘rest’ in Christ?


Session topics include:

1.  Sick & Tired – Because it isn’t working

2.  When Darkness Comes – It may not be what you think

3. The Brand New You – If only everyone knew

4.  A Dead Old Man – He died a long time ago

5.  Free From the Law – Under new management

6.  Victory is a Gift! – Then, what is the problem?

7.  Experiencing HIS Life – It is better than you thought

8.  Living the Grace Walk – What does it look like?


Optional Workbook available 

Teaching time: 6 Hours

Schedule: Usually runs two nights 7-10pm each evening   (or one Saturday)

The Rest of Grace Conference

Unleashing and Fulfilling God's Best in Your Life


Do you understand who you are in Christ, but now wonder how Jesus wants to live His life through you? Before He left this world, Jesus prayed to His Father, “I have glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work which you have given me to do.”


Just as God had a plan for the life of Jesus, He has a plan for you! In this five part teaching series, you will learn how to rely upon God's grace to empower and lead you to accomplish everything that Your Father has planned for you.


In this conference, you will:

  • Discover two important keys to unlock the unique supernatural abilities that God has placed within you.
  • Learn how to change the way you see yourself and move from an attitude of defeat and resignation to one of expectation and confidence.
  • Identify the number one obstacle in your life that keeps you from dreaming big and learn how to overcome that barrier.


This series will cause you to find yourself being pulled upward toward the supernatural plan that God has for your life. You will finish this series knowing that the fulfillment of a God-sized plan lies straight ahead on your pathway. You'll sense a faith swelling up within your heart, a faith to believe that the sufficiency of Christ and the grace of God is enough for you not only to be all that He plans for you to be, but to do all that He plans for you to do.


Optional Workbook available  

Teaching time: 6 Hours

Schedule: Usually runs two nights 7-10pm each evening   (or one Saturday)



Healing Life's Hurts Conference

by Understanding Forgiveness

Are you finding it very difficult to forgive those who have hurt you? There is hope!  Your attitude towards forgiveness will change and you will see it as a gift to you, a gift to the health of your body, mind and emotions!  As truth replaces the lies you may have believed, you will begin to experience the freedom that you have longed for.


In this conference, you will hear that this is not just a ‘topic’ but rather a journey that has been experienced by Mike Zenker.  Out of his journey of being sexually abused by a priest for three years when he was a teenager, he has had to face the real effects of the pain later in life.  Out of this journey, you will hear an authentic and transparent story of how God has, and is still walking him through the healing process.


Come and discover:

  • God’s absolute forgiveness towards you
  • Why it is that we need to forgive one another
  • 14 major misconceptions regarding forgiveness
  • Some major hindrances to forgiveness
  • What forgiveness is
  • Reasons we don’t forgive
  • How to Forgive - The process of forgiving
  • Dealing with Guilt and Shame


Optional Workbook available  

Teaching time: 6 Hours

Schedule: Usually runs two nights 7-10pm each evening   (or one Saturday)


 Grace & Grieving Conference

An informative evening giving insight into the process of grieving and loss.  Helping restore the importance of community and connections during significant life crisis.  Finding Grace through the threads of pain that life throws at us.


Topics Include:

  • Importance of a ‘celebration of life’ (religious or non-religious)
  • How funeral options are changing for the better
  • What to say and not to say to those who are grieving
  • Misunderstanding about Death and Grieving
  • Created for Community
  • Finding Grace and Love during a time of loss


Teaching time: 2 Hours

Schedule: Usually runs one evening 7 - 9pm



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